Audruring safety requirements and regulations


Valid from 05.02.2013


1. Definitions

Audruring – an operator that organizes activities and manages a multifunctional car and motorcycle track with all the buildings and facilities belonging to the complex, located in Papsaare village, Audru municipality, Pärnu County;

Pit-lane – a 12-meter-wide section of the circuit with a limited speed, located between the starting straight of the circuit and the area between the circuit building and the competitors, which starts with the exit from the circuit and ends with the entrance to the circuit;

Ringrada – a one-way traffic closed road that is part of the Audruring and is intended for car and motorcycle sports and for the safe development of driving skills and technique;

The contestants' parking lot and the asphalted area bordering the Audruring buildings, intended for the placement of contestants and contestants' equipment;

Spectator area - an area within Audruring to which the audience has access to watch what is happening on the circuit;

Exit area - an area bordering the circuit, which is built to ensure the safety of vehicles leaving the circuit and the least possible damage;

Evacuation road – the road surrounding the circuit and passing through the competitors' parking lot and the audience area, which is intended for the traffic of emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire brigade, tow truck, etc.);

Circuit staff – Audruring's authorized personnel who have the right to issue orders on Audruring's behalf;

Burn-out - spinning the wheels of a stationary or slightly moving vehicle in a way that causes damage to the asphalt;

Track driving ticket – a ticket purchased from Audruring's authorized staff or from a corresponding ticket vending machine, which gives the right to drive on the circuit in accordance with the established procedure;

Track judge - Audruring's authorized person who informs or instructs competitors during, before or after driving on the track.


2. General rules

2.1 It is allowed to drive on the circuit in accordance with the rules of the use of the circuit at the designated times using the gates provided for access to the circuit and having previously registered to drive on the circuit;

2.2 The maximum permitted speed of vehicles in parking lots and audience movement areas is the speed of a pedestrian (max. 10 km/h). Parking is allowed only in places marked as parking spaces. An improperly parked vehicle may be moved at the vehicle owner's expense;

2.3 The maximum permitted speed of vehicles in the pit lane is 50 km/h;

2.4 Persons not authorized to do so are prohibited from being in the circuit's exit areas and evacuation routes, unless the person has gotten there as a result of exiting the circuit;

2.5 Children and other persons without the right to drive are prohibited from using motor vehicles. Children's parents or authorized representatives are responsible for children's activities;

2.6 Making noise in the period from 2000 in the evening to 0800 in the morning is prohibited. During the mentioned period, it is forbidden to start the engines of motor vehicles whose noise level exceeds the noise level of vehicles permitted in street traffic;

2.7 It is not allowed to store goods or objects of any kind in front of the entrances and exits of the building or the track. It is also strictly forbidden to store things and park vehicles on evacuation routes;

2.8 Compliance with all applicable statutory environmental rules is mandatory. Garbage storage is allowed only in places specifically designated for this purpose, provided that the stored garbage can fit in the installed containers. If the garbage containers are full, it is not allowed to store garbage next to the container. If there are different containers for different types of waste at the garbage storage locations, the garbage must be sorted by type;

2.9 Storage of environmentally hazardous waste on the territory of the circuit is strictly prohibited, unless there is a more precise procedure for storing environmentally hazardous waste specified in the instructions for a specific event. Fluid leaks resulting from injuries to vehicles must be eliminated immediately and the circuit staff must be notified of the resulting pollution;

2.10 In case of violation of points 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8, the person causing the damage is responsible for the damage caused.

2.11 Special attention must be paid to the handling of flammable materials (fuels, oils, etc.) to ensure fire safety. When refueling vehicles, a powder extinguisher with at least 6 kg of extinguishing agent or another type of fire extinguisher with at least the same extinguishing capacity must be kept nearby. It is allowed to store fuel only in canisters intended for this purpose, while complying with all fire safety requirements. The handler of flammable materials is fully responsible for the damage caused by the materials;

2.12 In order to save the environment, all energy-consuming devices (lights, heating, technical devices) must be switched off when they are not in use;

2.13 The use of the power grid is allowed only if it has been previously agreed with the circuit staff. Unauthorized electrical connections are strictly prohibited;

2.14 Any damage caused to the circuit must be immediately reported to the circuit staff by providing a written explanation of what happened. Each person causing the damage is responsible for the damage caused personally. Damages include, but are not limited to, damage to fences, gates, asphalt, cables, piping, electrical system, etc.

2.15 IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO MAKE HOLES IN THE ASPHALT BY DRILLING, DRIVING PILES OR IN ANY OTHER WAY. Burnout is also strictly prohibited. The fine for drilling a hole in the asphalt and/or burnout is 200 EUR.

2.16 Grilling and the use of open fire on the circuit, pit lane and competitors' parking lot are prohibited;

2.17 Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and in the pit lane;

2.18 Any commercial activity, such as the sale of goods and services and product presentations, is only permitted on the territory of the circuit with a prior written agreement;

2.19 Any distribution of advertising materials on the territory of the circuit is permitted only with prior written agreement;

2.20 Orders given by Audruring staff are mandatory for execution.

2.21 Audurring has the right to establish additional rules valid on the circuit.



3. Lane use rules

3.1 Management Right

3.1.1 Vehicles that meet the requirements of the Traffic Act and meet the technical conditions established by the Estonian Motorsport Association or the Estonian Motorcycle Federation are allowed to drive on the track. Before starting the journey, the driver of the vehicle must make sure that the vehicle is in good technical condition and does not pose a danger to the passengers and third parties. ATVs, trucks, vans, tractors and other similar vehicles are not allowed on the track;

3.1.2 In the case of a vehicle, there must be a driver's license or a corresponding valid competitor's license;

3.1.3 Each vehicle driving on the track must have a valid ticket allowing the right to drive on the track;

3.1.4 The use of the annual track use card is allowed only to the person indicated on the annual card, who must be able to present an identity document to the circuit staff at any time. Handing over the annual card to a third party is prohibited. Violation of the said ban will result in cancellation of the annual card without payment of compensation;

3.1.5 Purchased track tickets expire on December 31 of each year. Missed time and laps will not be carried over to the following period or compensated;

3.1.6 The circuit staff has the right to remove from the track or refuse to allow vehicles on the track, the technical condition of which gives reason to believe that it is a potentially dangerous vehicle. In case of removal from the track for the mentioned reason, the lost services will not be compensated;


3.2 Requirements for the technical condition of the car

3.2.1 The car driver is responsible for the technical condition of the participating car. The technical condition must ensure safe use of the car on the track and exclude any liquid leaks;

3.2.2 Working dipped, turn, and brake lights and at least 2 rear view mirrors are required. While driving, the dipped beam headlights or daytime running lights that replace them must be on;

3.2.3 The transparency of the windshield and the first side windows must meet the conditions stipulated in street traffic and must be guaranteed in any conditions;

3.2.4 It is required to install at least the first towing eye, preferably also the rear towing eye;

3.2.5 Audurring does not carry out a technical inspection of the cars, but it has the right to assess the suitability of the car's technical condition for driving on the track and, if necessary, prohibit the vehicle from driving;


3.3 Requirements for the technical condition of the motorcycle

3.3.1 The motorcycle driver is responsible for the technical condition of the participating motorcycle. The technical condition must ensure the safe use of the motorcycle on the track and exclude any liquid leaks;

3.3.2 Motorcycle lights must be taped and caps of oil and other liquids must be stoppered to prevent them from coming loose.;

3.3.3 Audurring does not carry out technical inspections of motorcycles, but it has the right to assess the suitability of the motorcycle's technical condition for driving on the track and, if necessary, prohibit the vehicle from driving;


3.4 Driving on the storm circuit

3.4.1 It is allowed to drive to the Audurring circuit only through the designated gates;

3.4.2 Traffic on the Audruring ring road is one-way - traffic is counter-clockwise. Movement in the opposite direction is strictly prohibited in any case. A fine of €100 for each violation of the rule.

3.4.3 Stopping is prohibited throughout the Audruring circuit, unless the stop is caused by a technical failure. U-turns and reversing are prohibited on the circuit. In case of violation of the rule, a fine of €100 for each violation;

3.4.4 In the event that the vehicle has stopped on the circuit either for technical reasons or due to an accident, the driver of the vehicle undertakes to leave the vehicle immediately to a safe place and report this immediately to the emergency telephone of the circuit. The vehicle stopped on the track is transported to a safe place by the track staff. The costs related to the evacuation of the vehicle shall be borne by the user of the vehicle;

3.4.5 Audurring has the right to detain the vehicle until the towing costs are paid;

3.4.6 When towing a stalled or broken-down vehicle, the Audruring staff has the right to decide on the best towing method. Audruring's staff will do everything possible to ensure that towing does not cause additional damage to the vehicle, but in the event that the vehicle is damaged or malfunctions as a result, it is not possible to tow it without causing additional injuries, the owner of the vehicle does not have the right to claim compensation for the resulting injuries;

3.4.7 The use of studded tires on the circuit is prohibited;

3.4.8 Motorcyclists are obliged to wear a one-piece closed helmet, gloves, boots and riding attire intended for motorcycling;

3.4.9 While driving, the occupants of the car must wear safety helmets and fasten their seat belts;

3.4.10 One passenger may be in the car at a time;

3.4.11 A passenger may not be on the motorcycle while driving on the circuit;

3.4.12 Both the car driver and the passenger must wear clothing with long sleeves and legs made of non-melting material, closed shoes while driving, and it is recommended to use driving gloves. It is forbidden to use shoes that can come off during driving;

3.4.13 Overtaking of other moving vehicles is prohibited at accident sites. When passing accident sites, the speed must be reduced in such a way that safety is ensured, but the speed must not exceed 50 km/h. The orders given by the judges must be followed without fail. Overtaking a lane guard car with flashing lights is prohibited, unless the lane guard car is ordered to pass. Violation of the rules stated in this point is punished by removing the driver of the vehicle from the circuit;

3.4.14 In case the circuit is closed due to accidents or other reasons, it will be informed by red flags at the judge's station. In the event of a red flag signal, you must reduce your driving speed and drive to the track box as soon as possible. If a red flag is shown at the end of the pit lane or a red traffic light is on, driving onto the circuit is strictly prohibited;

3.4.15 Audurring has the right to remove a vehicle with a dangerous driving style or breakdown from the track by showing a black flag at the starting line. The vehicle receiving the black flag undertakes to drive to the end of the lap and leave the pit road at the end of the lap.


3.5 Passing a slower vehicle

3.5.1 Overtaking is allowed only from the left, and to signal the desire to overtake, the car must turn on the left turn signal or the motorcyclist must signal with his hand;

3.5.2 You may pass a slower vehicle in front only if the car in front signals this with a right-hand turn signal or a motorcyclist;

3.5.3 If a permissive signal for overtaking has been given, the passer and the passer are jointly responsible for the safety of the maneuver;

3.5.4 The driver who does not allow a faster vehicle to pass during one lap after the signal from the rear-runner is given a warning, the driver of the vehicle will be removed from the track the second time;

3.5.5 Overtaking in the area of yellow flags is prohibited. The yellow flag area starts from the first yellow flag and ends with the green flag. The storm circle may prohibit overtaking on specifically designated sections of the track. In this case, the area is marked with yellow flags.


3.6 Liability

3.6.1 Riders on the track drive on the track at their own risk. Audruring, circuit staff and organizers of track days are not responsible for possible accidents and their consequences. Riders on the circuit release the aforementioned persons from liability;

3.6.2 The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any damages caused to participants (including himself) or third parties. If several vehicles were involved in the damage and the parties cannot reach an agreement, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In no event shall the persons named in clause 3.6.1 be parties to this dispute;

3.6.3 The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all damage caused to the circuit and the facilities of the circuit complex and undertakes to compensate for the damage no later than 10 days after receiving the relevant claim.


3.7 Noise and environment

3.7.1 Any kind of environmental pollution must be immediately reported to the Audruring staff;

3.7.2 Vehicles that do not comply with the noise standards established on Audruring are not allowed to drive on the circuit. Audruring's staff has the right to measure the noise level of vehicles at any time. If the vehicle has passed the noise level inspection and is allowed to drive on the circuit, but the results of the measurements made during driving exceed the established norms, the vehicle is not allowed to continue driving on the circuit. If driving on the track is prohibited as a result of exceeding the noise level, the missed track time will not be compensated;

3.7.3 Audruring announces the establishment of noise standards at least 30 days in advance via its official website.


3.8 Other Terms

3.8.1 Driving on connecting sections of the circuit and on evacuation routes is prohibited;

3.8.2 Complying with orders given by Audruring staff is mandatory;

3.8.3 The provision of any paid services (driving training, track taxi, etc.) is prohibited without Audruring's prior written approval;


Participant confirmation letter

Driving on the Audurring is not a competition or an activity containing a competitive element, but driving training. The content of the training is to practice the effectiveness of different driving techniques in the territory closed to traffic, and the goal is to improve the skills of the participants to control the vehicle in extreme situations. Only a part of the lap time is measured to provide feedback to participants and are not used to determine rankings. The participant has the right to drive at the speed he chooses, ensuring safety for himself, other participants and third parties. Any competition between participants on the track and dangerous maneuvers are prohibited.

General confirmations

I have familiarized myself with the guide for the use of the track and I undertake to comply with all the requirements contained in it during the entire track ride. I am aware that signing this document has legal force with the resulting obligations and consequences. In the event that it is not possible to fulfill the requirements of the instructions, the given document or the organizer, or I do not wish to do so, regardless of the reasons, I am obliged to give up further participation in the event without a refund of the participation fee and any reimbursement of expenses by Audruring. The aforementioned does not exempt from the payment of the specified fine, if such a fine is prescribed by the instructions, nor from the obligation to compensate for the damage caused.

I am aware that driving a vehicle and being a passenger in a car is dangerous. In connection with driving training, there is a real risk that the driver will lose control of the vehicle, collide with other people on the track, objects on the track or next to the track, run into another participant, the organizer or a third party. The consequence of such accidents can be extensive material damage to myself, the obligation to compensate another participant, the owner of the vehicle, the organizer or a third party. The accident may also result in bodily injury, permanent disability or death of the driver, passenger, other participant, organizer or third party. It has been explained to me how the probability of dangerous situations can be reduced. It is my responsibility to make the rules clear to myself. I understand that the explanations given by the organizers do not exclude dangerous situations, accidents and damage.

I am personally responsible for the consequences of my actions and inactions throughout the duration of the event. I am aware that the organizer cannot guarantee that other training participants will comply with the rules of the event and that the participating vehicles are technically in order. I also understand that access to the circuit is not completely closed to third parties, and therefore it cannot be ruled out that they may cause damage to the participants or harm them.

I undertake to use personal protective equipment in accordance with the track driving guide, to follow the requirements of the track driving guide and the orders and notifications of the Audruring staff. I do everything in my power to avoid dangerous situations and accidents. If an accident is unavoidable, I will try to reduce the possible damage to other participants, third parties and organizers. In the event of damage to myself due to my actions or inaction, I undertake not to submit claims to the organizer, persons related to the organization, other participants or third parties. If damage is caused to me by another participant or a third party, it is my responsibility to collect the damage from the culprit. If a dispute arises regarding guilt or compensation for damages, I will resolve such a dispute through negotiations or in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Under no circumstances will I demand compensation from Audruring or the persons involved in the organization. I also do not require their involvement in disputes regarding damages.

I am aware that, as a rule, insurance companies do not compensate for damage caused to the participant and caused to other parties during driving training in areas closed to traffic, unless a corresponding agreement has been concluded with the insurance company in advance.

Manager endorsements

I am the owner of the vehicle I am driving or I am using the vehicle under authorization. In the latter case, I have received permission from the owner to use the vehicle for driving training on the circuit. It is my responsibility to prove the existence of such authority. If I am not the owner of the vehicle, I am personally liable to the owner of the vehicle for any damage or unusual wear and tear to the vehicle, even if the damage was caused by someone else's fault. I undertake to submit unquestioningly to the recourse claims presented by the insurance companies.

Before starting the practice run, I make sure that the technical condition of the vehicle I drive meets the requirements of the track driving manual.

I will not drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotic substances or signs of illness, nor when I am overtired or under any other circumstances that do not allow me to concentrate on driving the vehicle in a safe manner.

If I allow a passenger in the car during the practice run, I make sure that the passenger has confirmed with his signature that he agrees to obey the track driving instructions.

In the event that I have received a time measuring device (transponder) worth €750 for use from the Audruring staff. I undertake to return the device at the end of the event and, in the event of its loss or damage, to immediately compensate the cost of the device.

Passenger endorsements

Being a passenger in the car, I relieve the driver of the car liability in case of damage caused to me as a result of an accident.