Racetaxi – taxi as a regular one. There are still some minor differences: a helmet is compulsory, a fast or a very fast car is used and an experienced fast driver sits on the driver’s seat. During the taxi drive a fast and memorable lap is raced on Audru racing circuit.

  • Taxi service for several different adrenaline levels
  • Racing seated by the side of a professional driving instructor/in case of Superbike on pillion
  • Suits well for a birthday present, for bachelor and bachelorette parties and entertainment at company parties and other celebrations

  Toyota GT86 racetaxi, 3 laps70 €
  Porsche Boxter GTS, 3 laps110 €

Terms and conditions of the service:

*The prices above include all the necessary equipment and VAT.
*Taxi drive needs to be pre-booked: Phone +372 58 666 636 or e-mail kontakt@audruring.ee.
*Bookings are made max 2 weeks ahead.
*Driving time is indicative and may change due driving sessions.
*Track operator reserves the right to change the prices without prior notification.

Toyota GT86 racetaxi

Racing our official track car Toyota GT86, which has a 2-liter 197 hp engine and acceleration from 0-100km/h in about 7 seconds. The driving instructor races 3 laps (getting in, 1 fast lap, getting out). The service suits a person with a lower adrenalin level tolerance, providing adequate emotional experience and feelings to share with others later.

Porsche Boxter GTS racetaxi

Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 is the most powerful Boxster and has 4.0l, 400hp engine, accelerating 0-100km/h 4,5 seconds.  The driving instructor races 3 laps (getting in, 1 fast lap, getting out).


FIA Grade 4 licence

Track lenght 3,2 km

15 curves (5 right- and 10 leftcurves)

Curves 1 and 15 are negative

Fastest curve is Velt Motocentre curve

Rallycross track

Off-road track