Go-Kart track

In the spring of 2022, additional track sections were completed at the Porsche Ring within the existing circuit near the starting straight. The new sections together with the existing circuit create a number of additional track shapes, including the possibility of using the circuit complex as a go-kart track for both- hobby karts and competition karts. 

The length of our karting track is approximately 1 kilometer and the same width as the existing circuit, i.e. 12 meters, there are a total of 15 turns, of which 9 turn left and 6 turn right. It is a fast and exciting track. Security has been very important in the design of the track, which is why the exit areas are large. Since the go-kart track can be driven both counter-clockwise and clockwise, it is essentially two different tracks at the same time. 

For driving on the go-kart track, we have new Sodi RT10 hobby karts, which, among other things, are equipped with equipment for installing additional weights to make the conditions for riders of different weights equal. 

   The construction of the kart track and the porchase of hobby karts were supported by the EAS with €199 960.
  • Driving session is 10 minutes- price 20€

We are also open on rainy days.