Instructions for the use of the track

1. Drive safely on the track. There is no need to try to hit the track record during the first laps. Start slowly and gradually increase the pace;
2. On the pit-lane traffic is kept to the left lane of the pit-lane. The left lane is the one, which is located on the left (yes, we are repeating it because life has shown that it is very difficult for people to remember and understand it). The part of the pit-lane, which is not the left lane, is used for stopping and parking. Do not try to find any other way to move on the pit-lane;
3. The maximum permissible speed on the pit-lane is 50 km/h, in the parking lot 30 km/h;
4. The traffic on the track and the pit-lane is one-way only. If you have driven past something, do not turn around, just circle back. Driving in the opposite direction is a very very dangerous activity;
5. There is only one place for driving from the track to the pit-lane. This is located on the right side of the track before the curve turning to the starting line. Make sure already before starting the race that you know where it is located. It is under no circumstances permitted to drive from the track to the pit-lane through the road exiting in the opposite direction;
6. Before going to the track make sure that you know the meanings of the flags used by the track marshals;
7. When the red flag is waved under the starting arch and/or red traffic lights are lit, slow down and drive calmly to the pit-lane or the parking lot at the end of the lap. There might be a danger on the track at this time, so be prepared to stop if necessary;
8. It is strictly forbidden to go to the track when there is a red flag on the pit-lane, the red lights are lit in the traffic lights of the pit-lane, the barrier is in a shut position or you do not have the track ticket;
9. The yellow flag or the yellow traffic light symbolises a dangerous place on the following section of the track. Slow down and be careful;
10. The first warming up lap is meant for getting to know the track and for warming up the vehicle. If you drive off the track on the warming up lap, we will show you a black flag - it means that you have to drive calmly to the pit-lane at the end of the next lap and come to have a talk with us;
11. In case your driving style is dangerous or unstable, we will show a flag, which is half black and half white on the starting line. This means the last warning. Take it easy. If a dangerous or unstable driving style continues, we will show the black flag (come to have a talk at the end of the next lap);
12. While driving pay particular attention to the last curve of the track (which turns to the starting line). This is the curve, where initially mistakes are made because this curve cannot be entered at such a speed as it seems feasible at first. In the worst case, you will end up against the concrete wall when entering this curve recklessly.
13. In case there is a technical failure in your vehicle when driving on the track, stop at the nearest safe place at the edge of the track. As a result of a technical failure fluids may leak from the vehicle, the spreading of which on the track will result in the outrage of other drivers because nobody wants to ride on oily asphalt;
14. If your friend's vehicle had a technical failure while driving on the track, do not rush to rescue him/her, but having noticed the problem, please inform the staff of the track. Going onto the track is allowed only when the staff has authorised you to do so;
15. Drive past the vehicle in front of you on the left, as in normal traffic. Before starting the passing, make sure that the driver in front has noticed you and realised that you want to pass him/her. The person who is passing is responsible for the safety of the passing;
16. Keep the track inventory in a prudent manner, as well as do not put the helmet on upside down and leave it somewhere unattended. The helmet is an important thing that protects your head and you should look after the helmet respectfully;
17. The person who rented the car is responsible for breaking a car rented from the track. Please be careful because an accident burns a hole in your pocket and spoils both your, as well as our mood, but we do not want that. We want that you leave us only with positive emotions;
18. If you happen to run off the track over the curbs, drive back to the asphalt so that you do not pass over the edge of the curbs. Careless driving over the sharp edges of the curbs can destroy the tires or rims;
19. Do not discard cigarette butts and other garbage on the ground. You probably do not do this in your home;
20. Follow the instructions and orders given by the staff of the track. We set the rules so that both you, as well as all others would be able to get a good experience in a safe environment. We do not negotiate over the implementation or the interpretation of the rules, please just accept them;
21. Be aware of other drivers who are simultaneously on the track. If we get a complaint about your activities from two drivers, you have to leave the track;
22. If anything is left unclear, do not hesitate to ask for further clarification and guidance from the track instructors;
23. Now read through the above simple rules once again because life has shown that it is often necessary. Otherwise, you will not remember them.