auto24ring is co-operating with 9-times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen


We are very happy to inform that auto24ring is starting to co-operate with 9 times Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen and brand Spirit of Speed, which is operated by well known exclusive driving experience provider Jan Kalmar beyond Adventure OÜ.

The Spirit of Speed has been concepted by Tom Kristensen to offer the best performance-oriented driving experiences on Track, Ice and Sand.  Whereas the track part takes part in Pärnu, auto24ring.

"We are happy that Tom Kristensen and Spirit of Speed chose our track among other tracks from Europe to provde its services", said Andres Hall, CEO of auto24ring. "Undoubtedly, Tom Kristensen is a motorsport superstar, who will bring motorsport clients to Pärnu with his world-famous name and help to increase the reputation of Estonia and Pärnu."
The fundamental idea of Spirit of Speed is simply to exceed all expectations and to offer you something not found elsewhere. You will experience a different approach to performance driving where we don’t only aim for sheer speed, but also focus on the spirit. We will continue to add an extra dimension to the experience be it on the track, ice or sand.
A lifelong experience from the highest racing scene with a second to none racing CV including 9 times overall victories does talk its own language. Tom's never ending commitment and drive to always aim higher has resulted in a unique career.
The shared experience, paired with passionate and visionary forward-thinking team will deliver you a unique bespoke product!

Spirit of Speed is fully operated by Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure OÜ as a great addition to their one-of-a-kind product portfolio and fitting perfectly to their motto "we start where the others stop"!