Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen

The name "Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen" is already a story by itself. But we never do things without Spirit and combined with the quality surrounding all what Tom Kristensen stands for means you can expect only the best here.

Spirit of Speed Track targets to give you a steep learning curve, as we have a 3,2 km fully FIA approved track- auto24ring, only for you. This way we don’t need to adapt your day to a rigid program created to maximize the amount of drivers on the track. The track is “yours” and you together with your private instructor plan the day.


Spirit of Speed is fully operated by Jan Kalmar Beyond Adventure OÜ as a great addition to their one-of-a-kind product portfolio and fitting perfectly to their motto "we start where the others stop"!


FIA Grade 4 licence

Track lenght 3,2 km

15 curves (5 right- ja 10 leftcurves)

Curves 1 and15 are negative  

Fastest curve Velt Motocenter curve

Rallicross track

Off-road track